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James Danter & Sons Funfair origionally started as Billy Danter’s Fun Fair 

and was founded by WG (Billy) Danter and his Wife Katie in the 1930s.

Starting with a Spinner Game, then Childrens’ rides before buying their

first big rides. With the whole family working in the business from a

young age, renowned for their hard work and showmanship. The

business grew from humble beginnings too operating some of the

finest attractions in the industry.

Our family are from the South Wales Valleys originally. Travelling South

Wales, Gloucestershire, the Midlands and as far a field as London. With the

transport of those days, it could take days to travel between events in the

1960s. WG Danter bought a large property at Moreton Valance

Gloucesterhire in 1967. He knew the area well from his time delivering

Air Craft parts for the RAF during WW2. The property being next to Moreton

Valance Air Field and just down the road from RAF Quedgley. Showman

with young families who were not serving the nation abroad were brought in to drive and delivery these large and expensive loads due to their experience with heavy haulage and special loads. We also attended local events like Gloucester Fair, Tewkesbury Mop Fair and Montpellier Gardens Cheltenham where we already had a prominent presence.

                                                                                                              The purchase of the property with plenty of room for the next                                                                                                                       generation to grow was a wise move. Helping grow the business                                                                                                                 further in the local area. With the devolpement of the Motorway                                                                                                                 network and the M5 being built only a mile away from us, it                                                                                                                           proved a logistical success. Moreton Valance has been home                                                                                                                         now for half a century to four generations of our family.

                                                                                                                The Fair Was Ran By Billy Danter up till 1997 when His Son                                                                                                                              James took over the fair and has ran it ever since with his wife                                                                                                                      Claire and their sons James Jnr and Jonathan. After a short spell

                                                                                                                at Barry Island the fair now travels the same areas as it has                                                                                                                            since  1930


                                                                                                                 Below are Images Of the Fair Through The Years right up till                                                                                                                            Present Day.

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