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Looking to hire funfair rides for your upcoming event? Then you have come to the right place. 


We have a wide range of funfair rides available to hire. Our rides are perfect for any event. Events such as weddings, festivals, fetes, fun days, parties and any other event you can think of. 


Our rides will keep everyone entertained for hours and will put a smile on their face. 


We can provide just one ride or a selection of rides. We have Thrill Rides, Family Rides and Children’s Rides, all of which are perfect for your upcoming event.

What’s involved in booking a ride or attractions?


Firstly please fill in the enquiry form found here RIDE ENQUIRY . We need as much information as possible about your requirements so that we can provide a detailed and professional quotation service.  Please fill in all starred fields.


On receiving your enquiry we will review all of your requirements, and if necessary contact you for additional information, before providing your quotation.  Importantly, we first assess the venue access & venue layout on Google maps, this gives us a good idea of what attractions the location will be able to accommodate (for example a narrow road and entrance to the location may mean that some of our larger attractions may not be able to gain access).


Google maps also allows us to plan for the setting up of the attractions (the specific requirements to protect a lawn that must not be damaged are different to placing the attractions on a tarmac surface).

We then check availability & attraction options, fuel costs, logistics and work out some proposals (including costs options) for you to review.


Please note that these proposals are subject to confirmation following the site meeting that we will have with you.

If you are happy with the proposal we then arrange the site meeting to go through & confirm every detail of your event.


Once all the details are agreed, we will send you a letter of agreement to sign and return to us.


On receipt of the signed letter of agreement, we will send you copies of all current Ride DOCs (Ride MOT), proof of our £10 million Public Liability insurance cover and an event risk assessment form. Sample docs here. As well as a planned schedule for your event.


We always contact you the week prior to your event to confirm all of the previously agreed details.


Rides are brought onto your location at the pre-arranged time, set up, checked and serviced ready for operation.


When the Rides are ready, we will ask to have a site check with the event organiser to make sure they are completely satisfied with everything.


All Rides and attractions are operated by fully trained staff.


After your event all Rides are dismantled and removed from site within the pre-agreed time



Hire our rides for any event, including weddings, parities, corporate events and festivals.


Who can resist the thrill of racing around on the Dodgems, or riding The Waltzers? Children and families will love the Ferris wheel and seeing everyone at the event from the top!


Imagine the amazing memories and photo opportunities!


Our rides are perfect for a laugh and letting off some steam, whilst provide hours of entertainment for your guests.

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