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If you're looking for a fairground ride that will thrill and excite the adults and teenagers at your event, this is perfect! This ride is so thrilling, it's simply called 'Extreme', and it doesn't get more extreme than this! Riders sit in one of the secure safety harnesses and are then propelled through the air, spinning in the sky and hitting those high G-forces! You might not have time to appreciate the view as the ride spins you around, turns you around and sends your heart rate soaring. 


We often have two ride programs for corporate events, a gentle ride for everyone and then the full on Extreme Ride. So clients literally get two rides for the price of one. The Extreme’s ride sensations truly are endless and we are able to work closely with you to create a ride sequence perfect for your event.

Quick Facts

Capacity Per Ride:  24

Setup Time: 3 - 6 Hours

Space Required:  52ft  x 52ft 

Thrill Factor: Extreme

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