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The Freak Out is a Pendulum type ride fitted with Floorless cars. This gives the passenger a heightened sense of movement as they spin and swing through the air. The centre pole swings back and forth to a swing-angle of 120 degrees and a height of 66 feet reaching a vertical acceleration of up to 2g. Our Freak Out also has a bespoke lighting package that sets it out from the rest.

Once set up the ballast tanks must be filled with 12,000 litres of water. So needs access to a water supply

244043660_3087632531472451_7406073451028373140_n (2) copy.png

Quick Facts

Capacity Per Ride:  16

Setup Time: 5 - 8 Hours

Space Required:  46ft  x 36ft 

Thrill Factor: High

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